Chalkwell Redcaps

Chalkwell Redcaps

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Xmas Eve Charity Dip - By Lorraine Rate

Now why on earth am I doing this?   I haven't been able to stop asking myself that question all bloody week.  Will I have a heart attack?  Maybe.  Will it hurt? Probably.  Will it really be that cold?  YES.   So why?  Because I stupidly said I would and its for charity, and lots of other people are doing it, and I have nothing better to do on Xmas Eve !!!!  Well, apart from finish the shopping, set the table for 14, cook the turkey, cook the gammon, make the desserts.  ho ho ho !

So here's the deal.  Turn up at Southend Beach at 11.00, run up and down the beach in your swim suit (STRICTLY NO WETSUITS ALLOWED), carrying a charity bucket for 15 minutes, then when you've collected a few bob, run in the freezing cold sea, then run back out again.  Smile for the camera.  Get dressed, and your done.  OK, let's do it.

So first things first.  7.00a.m. the phone rings and its Essex Radio for an interview, asking all the very same questions I've been asking myself all week.  But, with one exception.  "And, Lorraine, where exactly will you be meeting today, so that we can broad cast it to all our listeners to encourage people to pop along and cheer you on".  "Oh, thank you Mr Radio man, we will be meeting at the Arches, just adjacent to the pier".  "Well, thank you for your time this morning Lorraine and we wish you good luck".  Bye.

Back to facebook, and 2,000 messages later - Er, Lorraine, we are not meeting at the Arches, adjacent to the Pier !!!!!!    Oh dear.  Funny thing was tho, that while I was running up and down the beach, some old boy stopped me and actually said "Some daft bird on the radio this morning directed everyone to the pier".  No way, I said !!!!!   Idiot !!!!!  

Didnt have the heart to tell all my fellow Redcaps that I had also pre-recorded a radio interview with Southend Radio the day before directing them the wrong way too.   L.O.L.  You gotta laugh!

Almost ready, 10, 9, 8, 7.........
Final pause for the camera and its almost time

Done it, and whats more, no heart attack, and Im still breathing
We raised just under £200 for that brief moment of madness and got a full double spread in the Southend Echo.