Chalkwell Redcaps

Chalkwell Redcaps

Monday, 6 August 2012

Redcaps 15K Challenge 2012

Code Name : CPCPCPC

Date : 21 July 2012

Time : 12noon

Challenge : 3 laps, Crowstone to Pier and back. (15kilometers)
Time available : 6 hours max

Contenders : Ben Jaques, Lorraine Rate, Derrick Griffiths, Stuart Watson, Kirsty Fehily,
Support Crew : Iain Keenan, Jane Bell, Paul Docker, Michael Tongie
Support swimmers, Helen Wildin, Michael Tong, Iain Keenan, Julie Dempsey, Mike Grout, Ollie Southgate, and several more.
Beach Support : Far far too many to mention, (Lesley, Julie, Clare, Tracy etc etc.) and what a great team they were.


The first ever Chalkwell Redcap Charity Challenge AND whats more, we are all alive to tell the tale.   And what a journey we had too.  There were highs and lows, and ups and downs along the way especially, when code name SKS had to become code name CPCPCPC, due to the lack of support from the PLA. :(    But not to be deterred, we still did it.  5 swimmers in the end attempted the whole challenge and all 5 succeeded, The sixth swimmer, Alex Edge unfortunately, could not attempt the challenge.   Happily it was because she had just been chosen to swim for Essex in an open water meet the very next day so she needed to conserve energy.  Congratulations to Alex.

Mother Nature only gave us about 5 1/2 hrs of decent swimming before she took our water away, but we forgive her because she gave us fantastic weather and perfect swimming conditions.  The challenge started with Ben Jacques briefing all the swimmers on the best way to head out to find some decent depth of water.   Follow me as I know where the deep water is he said.  Lorraine and Kirsty then went the other way and spent at least 15 minutes in ankle deep water, doing some strange kind of walk along the sharp stones, going the wrong way !!!!  Lesson to oneself - listen to the master!

Dozens and dozens of supporters made it a very memorable event. Here is support swimmer Mike Grout and bucket shaker, Tracy Bliss.   Lots of the support swimmers achieved first time bests for distance covered by swimming some of it with us so well done to them too.

Ben, Stuart and Derrick - Time to go.  Barely enough water to hold a stroke together but time was against us so we set off at the first opportunity.

Die hard Jane Bell who kayaked the whole 6 hours and spent the last two of it with her bottom half submerged in water due to having to keep removing her cover to reach for the drink bottles!  

Various instructions were left for the beach crew so they knew exactly how to look after the swimmers at the end of each leg.

Whilsts some opted for life support, Mr Jacques went for a good old banana

Perhaps Ben should have opted for the life support and Jelly Beans.  Here he is at the  very end looking a little worse for wear and having finally run out of water.  Chris Rate, support swimmer looks on to make sure he can walk!

Kirsty Fehily and Lorraine Rate - Glad its all over
Helen Wildin - Support Swimmer
And finally, here is Jane Bells summary of the days events.