Chalkwell Redcaps

Chalkwell Redcaps

Saturday, 18 February 2012

My New Best Friend - Mrs Tyrant - By Helen Wildin

So here we are in February with 5 months of training to the Big SKS Day but only 3 and a bit months to the Eton 10k. Gulp. When I first started these training programs I thought I would die and was really chuffed when I did a 4.5k “Lorraine killer session” in 2.5 hrs. Little did I know that 2 months later I’d be up to 5.5k and then a 7k and still being pushed and pushed by Mrs Tyrant.

Inspired by a 100 x 100s article in an H2Open Magazine newsletter, a few of us ventured to Garons on January 20 and hurrah we did it !!!! An amazing achievement but I was a bit disappointed with my time as I didn’t really know how to pace it. So Mrs Tyrant, Lorraine has very kindly taken myself and Chatty Jane under her expert wing and drawn up personal training programs specifically to work on speed. It’s been good to see the progress I’m making and being able to tick things off as I go along. I have a much better idea and  understanding of training and of the importance of how to pace things. Plus I’ve had a few Fly and 2-beat lessons from the amazing Tri’N’Swim girls. So, in swim talk, I am now up to 17 x 100s at race pace 1.45 off 2.10 plus 3 x 100s with 5s rest.

Lorraine always makes the sessions interesting and is soothingly encouraging when we are training even though we are forever getting in her way as she laps us for the 100th time. However with the latest kick drill I might not be so enthusiastic….. Nah, bring it on and pass me the jelly beans!

"only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go" by T.S Elliot

Helen aka ‘Sparkles’

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